DroneScape PLLC  is a professional engineering firm, specializing in integrating drones into engineering practices. We are experts in infrastructure inspections utilizing drone technology. The firm is staffed with professional engineers, FAA private pilots/drone pilots and adjunct professors.

Offering engineering services requiring drone applications, ground reconnaissance aligned with 3D technology, infrared assessments, and structural inspection. Services include environmental assessments, cell tower inspection, power generation aerial reconnaissance, and remote location video photography. For mapping activities, the Company is aligned with registered surveyors. DroneScape products include an Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS) GPS real time avionic tracking device – FindtheDrone.

The company focuses on managing drone risk operations. The firm is incorporated as a professional limited liability corporation in North Carolina. The firm is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with primary operations throughout the US and Internationally.

Part 107 certified pilots, professional engineers, FAA aircraft registered drone fleet (N numbers).

DroneScape is a registered trademark.