DroneScape personnel had the opportunity to visit the UAS Denmark Test Facility.  The UAS Denmark Test Center is a collaboration between Hans Christian Andersen Airport, Odense Municipality and University of Southern Denmark began in 2012. The test site is now fully operational with a broad range of activities. In 2016, the Danish government initiated the first national strategy for drones. Here, Hans Christian Andersen Airport (HCA Airport) was identified as a key player for developing the UAS industry. The aim is to organize a sustainable and flexible solution for flying drones while still being able to conduct conventional air traffic at the airport.

The site has access to 2,000 km2 of airspace consisting of combined restricted areas allowing for BVLOS flights up to 150 kilo grams.  The northern climate is ideal for drone testing in adverse weather conditions.


Michael Larson, Head of UAS Denmark, and Christian Klit Johansen, Drone Operations Manager, were gracious in providing DroneScape personnel with a detailed tour and explanation of the test site. Recently, the Test Center hosted ArcticX2021 – a large-scale international high-tech surveillance system for monitoring and reconnaissance of hard-to-reach areas in the Arctic region. The system has been developed by the IDG consortium with participation from, amongst others, Boeing’s drone company. Additionally, multiple drone tests, in conjunction with airport operations, were taking during our visit. 

The UAS Denmark Test Facility is a true leader in the integration of drones into the international airspace.