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Don’t risk the project – use a Professional Engineering firm with years of experience as engineers and pilots.

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DroneScape, PLLC  is a professional engineering firm, specializing in integrating drones into engineering practices. We are experts in infrastructure inspections utilizing drone technology. The firm is staffed with professional engineers, FAA private pilots/drone pilots and adjunct professors. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are pleased to offer advanced drone training both direct and through local colleges.

Drone Training

DroneScape, PLLC offers a variety of training to professionals and communities. 


We provide a unique selection of high quality products ranging from training kits to drone accessories. Please contact us for more information.

Around the World

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, DroneScape, PLLC is going global! We have experience operating in a wide range of nations, including the necessary legal filings to fly safely and within each nations’ airspace restrictions.


DroneScape utilized ScanScape™, a trademarked process, in performing building scanning services usingdrone technology and visual envelope imagery.Tiered OfferingsHigh resolution thermographic (infrared) withunmanned aerial vehicle capability. Video and RGB...

NIST Training Course

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Find The Drone

The Communicator Product Packaging Cell phone, Real time GPS, Text only $95.00


DroneScape pilots took several cinematic pictures of Malta.

UAS Denmark Test Facility

Recently, DroneScape personnel had the opportunity to visit the UAS Denmark Test Facility.  The UAS Denmark Test Center is a collaboration between Hans Christian Andersen Airport, Odense Municipality and University of Southern Denmark began in 2012. The test site...


Future Aviators: Charlotte Students Explore Aviation Careers

Students explored potential careers in aviation at Monroe Airport, including a flight aboard Cessna 172s with Aerowood Aviation.

Drones Charlotte 2023 Meetup Eatup

Join us May 13th, 2023 for the Drones Charlotte Meetup Eatup. Fly, Eat, and Chat with community members!