Engineering Services

with Drones

scanscape Infrastructure inspection

DroneScape utilizes ScanScape, a proprietary process, for infrastructure thermal assessment, repair quotations and AutoCAD documentation utilizing drones.

Terrain Reconnaissance

Terrain reconnaissance and mapping in conjunction with licensed surveyors. Professional engineering & professional land surveying are combined with drone technology for the best value at high accuracy.

beach erosion management

Professional Engineering and drone technology offering coastal monitoring and coastal management solutions packaged together to deliver better-informed coastal engineering decisions at a price point previously unavailable on the market. Quality decision-making on the coast requires accurate and up to date information about current coastline conditions. DroneScape utilizes drone technology and professional engineering expertise for comprehensive assessments and recommendations.

Aerial Video Photography

Commercial buildings, construction sites, disaster sites, remote locations.


Infrastucture assessment and analysis.

Aerial photography

Professional video, 3D video and pictures of your location.

Infrastructor Inspections

Power line, cell tower and building inspections, 3D group mapping and digital.
Inspecting the 800 plus foot Duke Tower with a high performance industrial drone

Engineers and Environmental Consultants

Coastal monitoring and assessments